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Experience the future of PR with our AI-powered platform. Effortlessly generate coverage-ready content, backed by state-of-the-art machine learning technology. Unlock unparalleled efficiency as our intelligent assistant streamlines your PR campaign development process.

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Effortless and Swift
PR Campaigns
Alpha Story harnesses the power of generative Artificial Intelligence to develop compelling and customized content, distributing it directly to industry-relevant journalists, exponentially increasing your chances of getting your brand story published - all at the fraction of the time and monetary investments of a traditional PR retainer.
Unprecedented Pricing
for PR Campaigns
The traditional PR approach, with its significant investment and extensive timelines, is often out of reach for startups and SMEs. Alpha Story offers unprecedented price points, providing underserved players in the market the opportunity to achieve exceptional PR results at a fraction of the traditional expenses.
Powerful PR Collaboration;
All in One Ecosystem
Alpha Story leverages network effects to create a dynamic and self-reinforcing ecosystem. As more startups and journalists join the platform, the wealth of data strengthens insights and recommendations, resulting in better performance. The growing user base fosters a larger pool of opportunities, making the platform an increasingly attractive and indispensable hub for startups and journalists.
PR Redefined:
Alpha Story is a pioneering marketplace that connects startups with journalists seeking captivating content. The platform enables startups to share consistent and relevant content, readily accessible to journalists for easy pick-up and coverage. Experience the power of our AI algorithms, ensuring your story reaches the perfect audience.

How it Works

Gain access to a large pool of journalists with three simple steps!


& Writing

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Onboarding & Writing
Select your desired pitch type and fill out our simple tailored questionnaire - receive a coverage-ready pitch in minutes!

Review by
AS Consultants

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Review by Alpha Story Consultants
Our experienced team of PR consultants will be on hand to provide a review of your media pitch
Get Connected
with Journalist
Get Connected with Journalist
Upon approval, your media pitch is now ready to be picked up by our pool of story-hungry journalists!
Pricing Plans
Pricing plans to suit your exact needs

Welcome to a Tailored Consultation Experience!

At Alpha Story, we understand that your enterprise is unique, and so should be your consultancy subscription plan. Our Enterprise Consultancy Subscription is designed to offer a personalised touch, ensuring that every aspect of your brand communication aligns seamlessly with your goals and values.


US $699 / Month

(2-Months Subscription Plan)

Unlimited Story Generation

Customised Strategic PR Plan With Senior Consultant

  • Begin your journey with a 45-minutes personalised onboarding experience led by your dedicated Senior Consultant.
  • Specifically tailored media list upon onboarding to ensure relevance with your brand identity and industry niche.
  • Guided story development sessions, where your Senior Consultant offers prompt suggestions to ensure your narratives spark meaningful media coverage.
  • Comprehensive brand analysis and exploration to unearth the essence of your unique brand story.

Post Outreach Analysis

  • Gain exclusive insights through a customised analysis of your campaign, focusing on metrics that matter most to your enterprise.
  • Receive strategic recommendations and adjustments to your PR plan, finely tuned to drive future success aligned with your business goals.

2 Journalist Outreach/ 2 Months

4 Consultant Review Rounds Per Journalist Outreach

2 Published Story Guarantee / 2 Months

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